• Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Toy - X-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Toy - X-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
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"Our dog has tried to nibble on it from time to time, but it hasn't been affected at all. I HIGHLY recommend this product," MELLISSA
Part Number 900004
Customer Reviews (267)

We got the Tuff bed crate pad for out 7mo old Chocolate lab. First off, it fits like it was made for the crate. Second of all, he has been left in the crate with it..which is usually death sentence for anything left in the crate...and he has not killed it yet. I have very high hopes for this pad and the price was great! Thanks!

Dog Lover:  Heather.

I received the bed within about 5 business days, and my dog managed to chew a hole big enough to fit her snout on the seem in about 3 days. The bed is very durable. She is a 12 month old female Great Dane that has a strong personality and is a heavy chewer. So far, she has not been able to increase the size of the hole or tear any other part of the bed.

Dog Lover:  Nicole.

Best purchase we ever made because our dog chews everything! She made it through one of these beds (took her a few weeks), but hasn't tried to eat the second one yet.

Dog Lover:  Mary Wooding.

I have had the lg tan pad for About 3 weeks now. Godzilla my pit bull-lab mix has not been able to destroy this yet. it washes beautifully I have washed it in the Washer about 10 times so far. it fits the crate great!

Dog Lover:  Eileen.

I have bought over 300 dollars worth of different beds for my dog Harley. She is a 6 year ld American Bulldog and eats EVERYTHING. I finally found this site and ordered 2 of them and it has been almost 3 months and not even a snag!! I am so impressed. Best product I have ever used!! Thanks K9 Ballistics

Dog Lover:  Michelle Chickosky.

The Tuff Crate Pad is very good quality, perfect size. However, my doberman, Mystic, chewed a hole in the pad the first night and has since enjoyed chewing it every night since....customer service was amazing and sent me a new pad immediately. I haven't decided what to do with the new pad, but don't believe Mystic is going to be the proud owner of it.

Dog Lover:  Berniece Dellorto.

I ordered a Tuff Bed Crate Pad for my 1-year-old Golden Retriever who has chewed through every bed I've gotten him. The crate pad arrived quickly, and the size large was perfect. Unfortunately, in just a couple hours, he had chewed a large hole in the pad and eaten a good bit of the stuffing. Therefore, I would not recommend this bed for heavy chewers. But, we did receive our replacement bed quickly and free of charge. We're going to try bitter no-chew spray on this one!

Dog Lover:  Abby Parrott.

It took my 8-month old Malinois exactly 15 min to rip a 4-inch hole in her brand new k9 crate pad. Frankly, I wasn't surprised. I wasn't surprised, however, at the excellent quality of the pad and the company's quick response to Miss Stella's having to, yet again, endure the plastic non padded surface of her crate. I did receive a 2nd new pad which shall be reserved for car travel when she grows up. Great quality; naughty dog.

Dog Lover:  Mal Momma.

We have a one year old boxer who will chew anything she can get her paws on. The TUFF crate pad has been no match for her and it is still in perfect condition nearly two months since purchase. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a chewer.

Dog Lover:  Hannah.

So far so good. We have a 1 year old black lab who eats everything. He has not been able to have anything in his crate to lay on. I felt bad that he had to lay on the hard bottom all night and all day while we are at work. He has had it in his crate at night for the last 8 days now and has not chewed it at all. Want him to get used to it before we try it during the day while we are gone. That will be the true test.

Dog Lover:  Kathleen Decker.

I thought my two year old Chessy would rip this bed apart like he has done with every other bed I have put in his kennel. Amazing! The bed has been in his crate for six days and not a chew hole in it! This has been a great investment!

Dog Lover:  Mary.

This pad is as tough as they come. My dog is a chewer that destroys almost chew toy that we get for her...except this bed poses the only challenge she has. When we first got it she tried to chew it and destroy it. She got one corner destroyed and K9 sent me a new one at no charge and so far she has not been able to destroy the new one. I just wished they would make chew toys as tough as these beds. Think about it K9.

Dog Lover:  Daryl Groen.

Great bed. Our lab is voracious chewer and no other purported chew proof bed lasted more and 10 minutes. He went after it night one, but a week later, it is still in perfect shape. As advertised and worth the purchase. I had a question for customer service and it was answered immediately with genuine appreciation for the customer. Glad to have KP Ballistics.

Dog Lover:  Josh .

Finally...a crate pad that can stand up to a Master Chewer! Our Border Collie has turned a total of four different pads into heaps of shredded fabric and stuffing. When she was able to chew into the border of the first K-9 pad we ordered where the tag was sewn into the seam, the company sent me--free of charge--a newly-designed version of the pad. That pad has stood up to our dog for two weeks now without a rip. Very happy with this product and the company that makes it.

Dog Lover:  J. O'Reilly.

My dog was pretty destructive on things left in his crate. But this bed has been his match - no damage at all since we moved it in for him. Good show, K9Ballistics!

Dog Lover:  Paul W.

Mocha loves her mat...good quality. Super fast delivery. Thank you

Dog Lover:  Diana .

Our terrier mixed breed, Max, has chewed through EVERYTHING. He did manage to put a few holes in his Tuff Bed Crate Pad. They sent me a new one and recommended using Bitter Apple. So far that has worked well. While he did manage to chew through the pad, it held up much better than anything else I had tried. I recommend it. Customer service was excellent.

Dog Lover:  Jackie Herzfeld.

The TUFF Bed Crate Pad is a very well designed bed. Its solid, seamless design helps to keep our dog from chewing at it so much. The material is durable and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, our dog is just such an aggressive chewer. She went right through the first one. The second one is holding up well so far. We covered it with a sheet, and so far it is holding up. K-9 backed their warranty up immediately. Great customer service.

Dog Lover:  Daniel.

Put an XL Black Tuff Crate Pad to the test with 14-month-old Digby, a Bernese Mountain, who loved it...to pieces. Fortuantely, K9 Ballistic was great about replacing it! PROS: large enough for big breeds, comes in ‘go-with-everything & hides-everything black’, fabric is moisture/dirt/chew resistant, great warranty. CONS: extra Tuff fabric means a little extra noise when puppy moves around so you’ll want the pad out of earshot at night.

Dog Lover:  Amy M..

Thank you again for your guarantee/warranty and excellent customer support. Your product is such high quality -- I was so very impressed with it when my first shipment arrived. I am so sorry my naughty girl is a worse chewer than even I thought! (...) I'll be drenching the replacement (and my other) Tuff pad in Bitter Apple.

Dog Lover:  Susan D.

Within a week my almost 8 month old, male, black lab "puppy" had the stuffing removed from the smaller areas that surround the bed for his indoor pen and had opened up one tear in the main body of same. In every way, the pad is not what it was. So... It's a little "flatter" than it once was but it does remain in his pen and at night, he does still sleep on it.
K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE - Skip, please send a photo of the damage to warranty@k9ballistics.com and we will send you a free replacement according to our 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee.

Dog Lover:  Skip Plummer.

Our dog has torn up everything we have but in his kennel but he has yet to bother the TUFF Bed Crate pad. We were looking for something that would offer a little padding but be tough enough that he couldn't destroy it. This fit the bill. Worth the $40!

Dog Lover:  JDM.

So our one-year-old labradoodle, Charley is a nervous chewer! She would never chew her bed when we are around, just when left alone. We purchased the crate pad for inside of her crate. I am not going to lie she chewed right through the dang thing in one day. But K9 Ballistics warranty upheld and their customer service has been superb. After e-mailing the damaged bed, they sent out a new bed as promised later that day. She won't be left alone with this one, that's for sure!

Dog Lover:  Allie H.

We purchased this bed for our 1 year old American Bully who loves to chew up everything. So far, so good. Very happy with our purchase. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Dog Lover:  Sandra.

My 10 month old Old English Sheepdog Maggie, has shredded every bed she has been given, from store bought to homemade. She was having to sleep in a bare crate until my daughter told me about K9 Ballistic beds. We have had our first bed for a couple of weeks and she has not been able to shred it and believe me, she has tried. I have since ordered her another one for her crate in our camper. I am very pleased with the durability of this bed.

Dog Lover:  cindy k.

I have a 9 month old German Shepherd puppy. She has destroyed everything we own. Nothing is without teeth marks. She has destroyed more crate beds than I can count, usually the first or second night. She has had this bed for a couple weeks and I see no signs of rips, tears or teeth marks. I am now ordering 3 more. Thank you so much.

Dog Lover:  Kelly M.

Our 8 month old shelter puppy chews everything made of cloth. He chewed a hole in his first crate pad and pulled the stuffing out. When this one arrived, he tried to chew but had no success. Now he doesn't even attempt it. I'm happy to have found K9 Ballistics!

Dog Lover:  Deb.

My lab puppy decided the only thing he liked to destroy was his bed. After looking at other website's reviews, I found out about K9 Ballistics. I ordered the TUFF bed crate pad and was very happy with the quality when we received it in the mail; however, he was able to chew through the corner in about 4 days. After e-mailing a picture, a new one was sent out right away. Customer service was great!! We now use bitter apple spray and have not had any problems.

Dog Lover:  Courtney.

My dog chewed quite a bit of the mat. I sprayed it with no- chew spray and he still did it. We received a replacement and I sprayed it with the no-chew spray with cayenne pepper added to it. He went about 5 days before he started chewing it. This is with spraying it nightly. I put hot pepper sauce on the spot he had chewed and he didn't touch it. Hopefully this will continue. The mat is a very good quality, it is just that my little guy insists on chewing.

Dog Lover:  Elaine Marshall.

5 thumbs up from me so far. In the year and 4 months that I've had snowie. A love able deaf white pit she's gone through at least 8 beds. Chewing and shredding them. So far she hasn't even tried to chew this one. I love it. Thank you so much for this amazing chew proof bed it's a life saver.

Dog Lover:  Marilyn T.

My Labrador pup managed to rip this crate bed apart within an hour of it being put in his crate. It is not rip or chew proof *at all*.

Dog Lover:  Jason Van Patten.

We bought two of these for our two "teenagers" They have managed to destroy every bed/blanket we have given them over the last year. Mavis, our 1 year old rescue was able to chew the corners and center of this bad after only 12 hours! K-9 Ballistics sent us replacement immediately after sending them pics of the bed! So far, she has not chewed the new bed, but we did spray the edges with bitter apple and threw in some white vinegar for extra deterrent!

Dog Lover:  Rose Yereance.

" Perseus " outgrew his smaller dog crate and pad, he now has a larger crate and a new K9Ballistics Tuff Bed crate pad. He loves this pad, it fun to watch him move it around and bunch it up to lay on. he does not chew it . great product.

Dog Lover:  James Carney.

My Great Dane pup has gone through three beds. I got this one as an investment, desperately hoping it would last longer than the three days all the other ones did. She loves this bed! She hasn't even bothered to chew at it after two days of trying to find the seams and failing. Now I can sleep knowing my pup isn't chewing her bed and swallowing truly impressive amounts of stuffing. Highly recommended!

Dog Lover:  Christina.

My 1 year old Lab, Kona has torn thru every dogbed, but she needed a bed on our cold tile when were not home.. so I purchased your XL crate pad to try/test your product, she immediately loved the bed, however she did manage to chew corners of this pad. you immediately sent me out a bed under your guarantee, and she has yet to chew it up.. the quality of your product is THE STRONGEST CHEW PROOF bed there is. I believe it took too long to try to shred it that she gave up.

Dog Lover:  Joanne B.

Sorry to say that our 35# Heeler/yellow lab 10 month old puppy chew through this pad in one night. She had previously chewed through every other pad as well. She went for the label area and once she had the pad open she began to pull out the stuffing; We were very pleased with the K-9 response and they promptly sent out another pad. We will not put this in her crate til she shows signs of not wanting to chew.

Dog Lover:  Carrie Roach.

I did receive the beds and immediately put them in the kennels. I sadly have to say after putting them in the crates I had to go out on an errand. I put the dogs in the crates for less than two hours the same day I got them delivered. One of the medium size crate beds didn't last the full two hours. The dog was easily able to chew threw the material and get to and eat the stuffing. I was just about to contact you for replacement already when I received the email asking me to a review.
K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE - Please send a photo of the damaged items to warranty@k9ballistics.com and we will send you replacements right away!

Dog Lover:  David Feeney.

I have had the crate mat for about 3 weeks now. My dog usually paws at a mat and has it destroyed in 2 days. To date, not a scratch is on it. I have even washed it twice on delicate and let it air dry. I'm very happy so far.

Dog Lover:  Carrie .

I purchased two of these for my beagles. One of my beagles chews anything cloth and has even gone into his brother's crate and chewed his crate pad. My other beagle wouldn't start to chew the crate pad until after it was worn from wash. I've had these for about one week now and neither dog has shown any interest in chewing them. After I've had them for a bit longer, I will come back with an updated review.

Dog Lover:  Melissa.

We have an American Bulldog/Boxer mix who is a rescue. She suffers from separation anxiety and has destroyed 4 beds in the year we've had her. So far she has not bothered this bed. YEAH!! Thank you K9ballistics.

Dog Lover:  antoinette fraser.

TUFF Bed Crate Pad Medium size in Blue, featuring Oscar!
  • Tuff Ballistic Material
  • Moisture Resistant Cover
  • Machine Washable
  • New, Thicker Padding!
  • Rip-Stop Fabric Weave Pattern

TUFF Bed Crate Pad

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Whether you're taking your dog in the car, staying at home, going on a camping trip or on other travels, he will have a comfortable place to crash. These crate pads are versatile and practical dog beds with many applications. They are covered in a heavy duty hard wearing 100% ballistic water resistant material which is easy to keep clean. You can brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and then rinse under a running tap, hose, or machine wash. Sewn closed and filled with a soft bonded pad of Thermal Polyester Fiber to give warmth, insulation & comfort.

Due to the thickness of the pads, personalized embroidery is not available for the TUFF Bed Crate Pad. If your dog simply demands his name be prominently displayed, then try the Original TUFF Bed!

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ripstop tuff cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and surged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recomend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

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