• Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Toy - X-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Toy - X-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
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"Our dog has tried to nibble on it from time to time, but it hasn't been affected at all. I HIGHLY recommend this product," MELLISSA
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Customer Reviews (552)

My 3 month old puppy chewed a hole in the border by the 3rd day. I was going to order 1 or 2 more if that had not happened. I am not sure I will now or not.

Dog Lover:  michael b.

I love the strength of this bed. However I thought the material was going to be different. By that, I mean I was hoping for it to be a more cloth type of fabric. Even though it is a strong bed, even with my dogs nails trimmed from the groomer, there is still a lot of noise as he moves around on the bed. I just wish the material were something a little softer and didn't make as much noise as he it moving around and trying to get comfortable.

Dog Lover:  Michael.

I have two pups, almost a year old now, but chewed up towel after towel in their crates. They gave it a whirl when I put these pads in their crates but soon found out it was hopeless. Finally have a product that they can't destroy.

Dog Lover:  janie.

I purchased this bed crate for my 8 month old Havanese puppy who loves to chew on beds, rugs, sofas, etc. He loves his new bed and after the first couple of attempts to chew it he gave up and went to sleep on it. I've washed it once due to an accident and it looks perfect. I didn't put it in the dryer, but just let it air dry outside. I would highly recommend this product. And, the red color is beautiful!

Dog Lover:  Mary T.

This bed appeared to be very durable, but only lasted a few hours with my 7 month old German Shepherd. He loves his beds so much that he eats them, & this one must have been tasty. It was perfectly fine when I left for work, but shredded with fluff everywhere by the time I got home for lunch. The company gave me a full refund, so I'm happy with the customer service, but would not order this specific product again, at least not for my Moose.

Dog Lover:  Alexis.

This is the only dog bed our Cairn Terrier puppy hasn't destroyed. Thank you!

Dog Lover:  Lark H.

This bed is perfect. Every blanket I put in the crate gets chewed on and pieces swallowed, then thrown up later. Now my dog has something comfortable to lay on and doesn't even try to chew on it. Even if he did, I don't think he'd have much luck. Thank you K9 Ballistics!

Dog Lover:  Chris A.

So far the Tuff Bed Crate Liner is the only fabric our 10 month old puppy has not been able to chew through! I wish you'd make some stuffed toys out of this same fabric.

Dog Lover:  Kelly.

The bed is tough as nails and my 80 pound Pit Bull has not been able to tare it at all. He has destroyed every bed that I have bought him that were 3 times the cost of this bed. The only drawback to this bed is that it is very thin with hardly any padding / stuffing at all. It would be a realy great bed if it were 2 or 3 inches thick.

Dog Lover:  Michael P. W.

Great product, originally bought 2, just purchased 2 more for my Labs. It is washable, and I now have extra set so I can change them out when they get dirty. They don't have a lot of padding, so I use them on top of the ortho crate pad and it makes for a nice comfy bed for my dogs.

Dog Lover:  SP.

This is Marko's 2nd bed from you.IThe new model is even better, with no zipper & heavier fabric this a big improvement... of course we will have to see what Marko will do next... Linda

Dog Lover:  linda.

Ordered the crate pad for my 100 lbs American Bulldog. He sleeps in a Giant size VariKennel and the large size pad doesn't only fit in it but, it even is big enough to cover a small portion of the sides. My dog loves it! The pad has much more padding than I thought it would and he's very comfortable on it.

Dog Lover:  Jesus A.

I was hesitant to order my dog a new crate pad as she is still in the puppy stage & chews them up and also has occasional accidents but with the replacement guarantee I thought I'd give it a try. Not only has my boxer NOT tried to chew on it, she absolutely loves laying on it and will put herself in her crate to nap on it!! Easy to clean, durable, chew proof and comfy. This is the best bed I've ever bought!! Well worth the money. Will highly recommend to my friends!!

Dog Lover:  Angela T.

I rescued an 8 month old pointer/pit bull mix about a month ago, and she destroys anything that is put in her crate with her in about 10 mins tops (separation anxiety). This is the only thing I can put in her crate while I'm gone that she can't destroy. I've had it for about a week now, and it still looks like new! So glad I found this product!

Dog Lover:  Cara.

This is great. First night we put it in the crate was the first night she didn't whine all night.

Dog Lover:  Nicole B.

My Great Dane, Rhea, loves her new TUFF Crate Pad. So do I! This pad is passing the "test of time." Thank you for making such a great, durable product.

Dog Lover:  Anna R.

We bought the crate pad for our 4-month Lab puppy's overnight crate. We treated it first with the Bitter Apple spray. She hasn't tried once to chew on it, despite the fact she's teething right now. She curls up on it at night and goes right to sleep! The pad itself is high quality, very good looking, and a perfect fit for our kennel. It's just the right amount of padding, and there are no "tempting" edges for chewing. Highly recommend!

Dog Lover:  Sandy.

My dog was able to chew a few small holes in the fabric. Thanks to the rip-stop material she could not shred it. We are going to try spraying some Bitter Yuk around the area she has chewed and see if that will help.

Dog Lover:  Laura.

My 9 month old husky/lab pup had some pretty bad separation anxiety and hated being crated. She tore up blankets, and other pads that I put in the crate with no problem. I got this pad for her and so far it has held up. I will say that I worked with her a bit on crate training and she seems to have calmed a lot, so that may be part of it. Also, I have noticed one TINY hole in the side of it where she managed to chew through. It seems comfortable for her though.

Dog Lover:  Greg.

We ordered the XL TUFF Bed Crate Pad for our 7-yr-old GSD who weighs about 75 pounds. It came promptly. It's well made and feels quite comfortable. Our dog loves it! I hope it will wash well and lasts. Thinking of getting another one for our daughter's GSD.

Dog Lover:  Rulian.

This crate mat is not chew proof. Our golden retriever had the stuffing out of it in less than 10 minutes while she was riding in her crate in the car. The refund offer is for a replacement, but a replacement would be useless, since she would be able to chew it even faster on her second try! K9 Ballistics gave us half our money back, which is better than nothing, but I'm still out $20.

Dog Lover:  Joan J.

Awful. Terrible. Waste of money. Falsely advertised. Any real dog with teeth will destroy it. Used product once, came home and it was destroyed by my 11 month old vizsla puppy. 0 stars isn't an option below

Dog Lover:  Eric E.

We didn't get this for our dog but for our 50 lb Potbellied Mini Pig. He sleeps in a crate with comforters and covers himself. His hooves have torn many of his beloved blankets. The Tuff Bed Crate Pad has been WONDERFUL! He absolutely loves it and was so happy when he got it. He stood on it with pride before it went in the crate. We put it in the crate and he went to sleep. His smile while he slept from ear to ear! Hooves haven't harmed it at all.

Dog Lover:  Lori.

Trouble, my 18 month old Rottweiler made short order of her other beds, but this one in her crate has remained unscathed! She tore into it as soon as I put it into her crate, she drug it out, attacked it, thrashed it violently, attempted to chew it, abused it some more, then moved onto easier pray like her [un]stuffed toys. I was sufficiently impressed that I ordered her a bolstered bed for the bedroom. That too has been tested by her & it looks as good as it did on day 1.

Dog Lover:  Chance R.

We just purchased this crate pad and so far it seems to be doing the trick. Our puppy has chewed through at least three other crate pads and so has been without until we purchased this. He has not chewed this pad at all. Pad seems well made and fits his crate well. Our puppy is a fairly strong chewer...the only things he does not chew apart are Kong red toys so definitely needed something indistructable!

Dog Lover:  Barbara B.

Awesome product. I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever, Beau, & a 6 month old Puppy, Bella. Bella has chewed everything in sight, towels, mats, rugs, blankets. But she has not even tried to chew this crate pad up, she absolutely Loves it...

Dog Lover:  Linda M. Parris.

My 11 month old cocker spaniel has chewed through every dog bed and crate pad I have purchased. But, with the Tuff Crate Pad he has finally met his match. During the day he would bark at, scratch, shake, drag and chew until he was exhausted. At night he would sleep on the pad like a baby. He did this for 3 days. After the third day, he gave up. Now the crate pad stays in the crate and he is back to chewing only his Tuff chew toys.Your product actually works. Deb H.

Dog Lover:  Deborah Hardy.

This crate pad item is a wonderful product. Seems like it out to be uncomfortable for being so sturdy but it is not. Nice and cushy but you can feel the "toughness" of the outer material. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a crate pad that needs to be extra sturdy.

Dog Lover:  D. Lehuta.

Sorry to say within 24 hours our German shepherd had one corner chewed off, had we left it in his bed would have soon destroyed it completely. I bought as a gift for my sons dog. Sure wish it would have worked..........

Dog Lover:  Joyce S.

Excellent product so far, though I do have a contingency plan in the event my Boston Terrier unlocks the "How to Destroy this Crate Pad" code.

Dog Lover:  Heidi.

Our 6mos old puppy has chewed up 4 crate mats. We got this one hoping it would last more than a day or 2. It is great, she has chewed on it a bit, but it has not fallen apart and doesn't even have holes in it! Would definitely recommend it.

Dog Lover:  m.

Got a small tuff pad for out smaller dog. She managed to chew the corner out of it within a few days but after contacting k9ballistics they immediately sent a replacement. We watched her more closely this time and noticed she was going after the tag. We cut the tag off and now she seems to have no interest in chewing on the pad. We like this small one so much we have ordered a large orthopedic bed for our older german shepard!!!

Dog Lover:  Ron.

Just as promised, bed is perfect for our crate, measurements true to size, and materials dter and/or withstand chewing!! I ad to swallow hard before I spent the big bucks, and I wish it were thicker, but it's a terrific product snd layered over something cushy it s definitely doing the trick!!! Thank you so much. Great service too.

Dog Lover:  Jen.


Dog Lover:  SHARI.

I adopted a cocker spaniel from a rescue a couple months ago and we have gone through a couple beds already because he chews them up. He actually did chew through the bed in two different places but it's still holding up. Good thing about this purchase is they will replace it one time if it gets damaged. I'm going to give it another go with the replacement bed!

Dog Lover:  Erin .

So far so good! Every other pad, bed or blanket I have put in my border collie's crate she has destroyed within days. So far, she hasn't even 'sampled' this one. Thank you!

Dog Lover:  Jeanne.

It seems our pup only knows how to chew and tear apart toys and bedding. We went through numerous beds and he was sleeping directly on his crate. We ordered a Tuff bed pad and within about 5 minutes he found a way to get it apart. K9 sent a new one out in days and it seems he has stopped chewing it and enjoying it now. Quality product and service!

Dog Lover:  Rick.

The Tuff crate pad has stood up really well to my powerful chewer. I've had it almost a month now and not even a tear. My dog has chewed up every single crate pad she has had before within a day. This one I don't even think she has tried to chew because she loves it so much. She is much more comfortable in her crate now. I'm hoping this one lasts her a long time.

Dog Lover:  Brytany.

The bed is well made. Sadly, my 8.5 month old catahoula found it an item of interest. The first time, he was left for 2hrs in his crate. There were 3 holes in the outer edge by the time we came home. In the past week he put a few more holes in it. The holes are remaining small and have not ballooned like the other pad I have tried This is nice. I don't fault K9 Ballistics and am not going to be returning it. It's a nice crate pad. If he out grows this habit, I will purchase a new one.

Dog Lover:  Dawn.

I bought this for my son's dog. He has chewed through 4 beds and anything you put in his pen. I hope this works!

Dog Lover:  Sharon.

TUFF Bed Crate Pad Medium size in Blue, featuring Oscar!
  • Tuff Ballistic Material
  • Moisture Resistant Cover
  • Machine Washable
  • New, Thicker Padding!
  • Rip-Stop Fabric Weave Pattern

TUFF Bed Crate Pad

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ballistic Fabric?

Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

What is "Hydro-fuge" Technology?

Our Polyester filled mattresses come with our ventilated Hydro-Fuge mattresses inside for good air permeability and heat dissipation. Hydo-fuge technology means that they have good water permeability (water passes right through them). They are also channeled to prevent clumping, and filled with our eco-friendly recycled fiber.

What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is water resistant, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

Are your beds really "chew proof"?

To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 120 Chew Proof Warranty!

My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

The Cujo Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get a hold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a TUFF bed or TUFF Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

We have a 120 Day Chew Proof Warranty on all Original, Round, Orthopedic, Mini Tuff Beds and TUFF Crate Pads. If your dog does manage to chew through one of TUFF Beds within the guarantee period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our TUFF Pads or Mini TUFF Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

What about cleaning the bed?

Our beds are super-easy to clean! Make sure to wash on delicate and cold. Air dry or line dry are the best way to dry the bed. Heat drying it not recommended. Please note vomit and urine have corrosive properties which can penetrate through the water resistant cover damaging the inner fill. Clean all urine and vomit immediately with a dry towel. Wash the bed cover using the instructions mentioned above. Customers in the past have told us that a deodorizer (ex. Febreeze) can take away the urine or vomit smell.

Is there any kind of assembly required for the TUFF Crate Pad?

Our TUFF Bed Crate Pad is a single sewn-closed unit that requires no assembly. Simply unpack and slip into your dog's crate or kennel, and you're good to go! This bed can also be used as a travel pad for long car rides, or even an afternoon at the park.


Whether you're taking your dog in the car, staying at home, going on a camping trip or on other travels, he will have a comfortable place to crash. These crate pads are versatile and practical dog beds with many applications. They are covered in a heavy duty hard wearing 100% ballistic water resistant material which is easy to keep clean. You can brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and then rinse under a running tap, hose, or machine wash. Sewn closed and filled with a soft bonded pad of Thermal Polyester Fiber to give warmth, insulation & comfort.

Due to the thickness of the pads, personalized embroidery is not available for the TUFF Bed Crate Pad. If your dog simply demands his name be prominently displayed, then try the Original TUFF Bed!

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ripstop tuff cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and surged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recomend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

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