• Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Small - XX-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Chew & Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Hair & Odor Resistant
  • Zipperless Design
  • Sizes: Small - XX-Large
  • Machine Washable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
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"I am a veterinary technician and recommend K9 Ballistic beds to EVERYONE who comes into our hospital with a destructive dog who still needs an intact place to sleep," COURTNEY
Part Number 900005
Customer Reviews (99)

Our two corgis love to tear beds up playing tug of war and have done so to numerous other beds. Since we got the K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Bed they have tried to no avail to destroy it and so far have not managed to even pierce it let alone tear it. It looks like this is going to be a keeper.

Dog Lover:  Martyn.

TWO days and my 9yr old 28lb Cockapoo chewed a hole in her New tuff bed. I'm so disappointed.....this was my last hope and it failed.

Dog Lover:  Lorraine L.

We have had the bed for a few weeks now, and it seems like this will be something that lasts a lifetime. The fabric is a little rough, and tends to be a bit loud if you have a dog that likes to dig on it, but anything softer just wouldn't stand up to the punishment this bed is designed for. We got a soft blanket to place on it, and she alternates between loving to cuddle on it and trying to destroy it. Definitely worth the investment.

Dog Lover:  Heather.

Dog really likes it and has not eaten it yet!

Dog Lover:  Jinx.

I am very impressed with the durability of this bed. Although my big guy did manage to chew a few small holes in the cover, I am still impressed with the product overall and am ordering a second one for another one of our dogs that seems to do a number on most beds that we have given him in the past. With positive re-enforcement, Bubba learned quickly that this was his last chance to have something comfy to lay on ;)

Dog Lover:  Karla D.

so far so good. i purchased for my daughter's boxer who chews everything. we are keeping our fingers crossed

Dog Lover:  k. rabe.

The first bed I bought, from a retail store, lasted about a week. We've had the Round TUFF bed for a few weeks now, & Rusty has been trying his hardest to chew it up, but he can't even rip it a little. This is the most amazing dog bed!

Dog Lover:  Danielle .

Have had the bed for about 2 weeks and I think this is the answer to my problems. My dog isn't a chewer, but being part Jack Russell, he's a digger. He loves to dig at his bed to make a "nest". The last bed I bought lasted 2 weeks before it was destroyed. If he has no bed to sleep on, he won't stay off the furniture. I bought the Round Tuff Bed in 36" and it's perfect. I believe this is the last dog bed I will ever need. Wish I had known about it sooner. Could have saved a ton of money.

Dog Lover:  Robin M.

The Round Tuff Bed is a very good product. The rip-stop fabric will not rip even after our dog, Ivory, chewed a hole through the cover and pulled the green stuffing out. (She was so proud of her handy work.) I replaced the Round Tuff Bed Fill with a "donut" made out of a flexible 6" diameter drainage pipe; then filled the "donut" hole with cedar chips. She has started a second hole, but has not chew though the plastic drainage pipe (yet). Note: We would get a Cujo Cot, but that would not fix inside her round igloo dog house.

Dog Lover:  Don W.

This is a great bed - our dogs love it. Thus far, it has been unchewable and comfortable! Prompt and friendly service. Item well packaged.

Dog Lover:  Lyle M.

First time buying from the company. Easy to buy, arrived quickly and my dog loves it!

Dog Lover:  Christina.

Love this bed! We have brought numerous beds for our puppy & he isn't even one year old yet! Googled this & thought that it was too good to be true. But... It is true to its word - it's unchewable! We have even brought another one to have in another room. Definitely worth purchasing - saves money in the end! The embroidery it a lovely touch. Clear, bold & nothing fancy. Would highly recommend!

Dog Lover:  Sara.

Our little pug has destroyed every bed that we have given her before this one. We got the round tuff bed about a month ago and she has yet to make a dent in it (and not for lack of effort!!) She finds it very comfortable too! I am so glad that we made this purchase and would recommend this product to anyone with a destructive puppy like ours!

Dog Lover:  Kaity.

I bought this bed because my 8-month old Great Dane, Molly, chewed 2 other beds in 2 weeks. When it arrived she knew it was for her. She couldn't wait for me to get it out of the box and was on it the filling before I even got the cover on. I'm so impressed with it that I've making recommendations to other dog owners at trade shows I attend. Great Work!

Dog Lover:  Bryce K.

I ordered this bed because our 4 mo old rescue doxy had torn apart four beds in her short time with us. The minute I took it out of the box, she started to tear into it. She was absolutely unable to damage this bed, and I am SO grateful. Thank you for making this great product. We truly appreciate it. All my best, Doxy Mom

Dog Lover:  Lisa H.

This bed is Too good to be True and also a Catch-22. My Doberman could not have been less interested in the bed. In other words, he would not lie on it period…!! One can not test the bed for the dog without removing the vacuum seal on the cushion and putting the cover on. My dog did not touch the bed but I could only return the cover. Do not buy this bed unless your dog does not need it and will use any bed.

Dog Lover:  Jennifer Hunt.

My 85# Blue Nose Pit Bull has met his match! Instead of spending a lot of time clawing the bed, no its a couple of attempts, curl up and he is as happy as a clam. His previous bed often wound up looking like a taco shell with the dog in the middle. Now he has a comfy bed.

Dog Lover:  Dan B.

I was so disappointed. I have 5 dogs and none of them like this bed. It's not comfortable because there is not enough filling in the bed. I would never have paid $130 for this bed if I would have known the fill was scimpy. On the other had, since the dogs won't use they haven't torn it up.

Dog Lover:  BJ.

My dog, Finn, a Labrador Retriever loves his new bed. He chewed his first bed purchased at Walmart. He has not even tried to chew this bed. He is a 4 month old puppy and I got him a size to last when he is full grown. I would definitely recommend this bed.

Dog Lover:  Patricia D.

Yes, it's chew-proof, but whoever decided to make the closure velcro had a really bad idea! I don't wash it as often as I should simply because it's a wrestling match to get the **** thing back on. It should be a zipper and on the side, not down the middle. Give my back a break!!!

Dog Lover:  Judith McGee.

Well, I am very happy to say that the Tuff bed works. My little devil, Waldo, has tried to chew this bed at least five times (as indicated by the blanket which was pulled off the bed) but the bed remained perfectly intact. I laugh every time I come home and see this. I used to have to remember to pick the bed up before I left for work each day but now I can safely leave the bed down. thank-you for creating this!

Dog Lover:  Cathy.

I am disappointed in the bed. While, I agree that it is indestructible, it is so puffy, that my little dog is uncomfortable getting onto it and laying down. It's like a self inflatable, mattress. There are no sides, or an indentation for her to snuggle into. It's a strange design. Had I seen it in a store, I would not have purchased it. Also, the shipping was very slow.

Dog Lover:  RO.

Our Bella a Boston Terrier went through 3 beds before we purchase the Tuff round bed. Now she has had it for 4 months with out a problem. I am so happy with it I just ordered an other one for our new arrival on May 25 a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy knowing this bed can get past puppy teething with out a problem. So gland I found your website.

Dog Lover:  Diane V.

For the price I paid I received a waterproof bed that is NOT waterproof! With a cat at home that chooses to pee on the dog's bed from time to time, I looked to Ballistic's Tuff Bed to protect the expensive foam I custom ordered for my older boxer. When the time came to clean up the cat's urine from the bed for the FIRST TIME, I immediately noticed that the fibers that make up the synthetic TUFF liner were very saturated with urine. Removing the liner exposed a saturated foam as well!

Dog Lover:  Bismarck S.

We purchased two of the TUFF round beds and a crate pad for our three dogs. The beds are durable, easy to clean, and best of all chewproof. We purchased the medium for our 45 lb boxer and 70 lb bulldog and the large for our 85 lb boxer. I would highly recommend any of the TUFF products.

Dog Lover:  Hannah.

We have had the bed for almost 2 weeks and it is still in perfect condition. I have a 7lbs Pomeranian and a 65lbs PitBull. In the past they "tag teamed" dog beds and I have had some that did not last 1 hour. I am more than pleased and have been recommended K-9 Beds

Dog Lover:  Grant.

I love how easy they are to clean. Just pick them up and shake them and hair and dirt falls right off and I just vacuum it up. Could never do that with the old beds. Am so happy we found you. They are well worth the money.

Dog Lover:  Linda E.

It took our dog a few days to get used to the new bed (longer than usual) but he has made no attempts to bite at his bed, and I doubt he would achieve much if he tried.

Dog Lover:  StewB.

So far so good. I like the fabric and seems like it will finally be able to withstand my Great Danes nails! Came in a timely manner and the stitching of his name is nice to.

Dog Lover:  Alicia Johnson.

Our two chewers took a while to get through their first beds, and even then they couldn't do the same kind of damage they did to the first 6 "normal" beds before this. When we got our warrantied second batch they just gave up on trying to chew through them. Nice to not wake up each morning to stuffing strewn about the garage. Great product at a great price.

Dog Lover:  Ethan Hulme.

Took about 4 months but our Cocker Spaniel finally chewed through it.

Dog Lover:  Dania.

This is the best dog bed on the market. I have three very small dogs, one that we call jaws. She has eaten through more beds than I care to remember. The new one is still intact. They all love it and we are waiting for another.

Dog Lover:  Carol.

I have a pup that must be part devil badger because she destroys everything. She chewed a small hole in this bed but K9 sent me a replacement cover and that has stopped all chewing. The cover is kind of loud, but the dogs don't seem to mind.

Dog Lover:  Sean Miller.

My dog hates it. The material isn't soft enough for her to want to sleep in it, even when we put a blanket over it. Her prior bed was one of those ultra soft Petsmart ones and she loved it. Unfortunately, she ate through most of it, which led us here. I'm not sure what's worse - I'm stuck between a bed she'll sleep in all day but tear apart the lining of, or a bed she can't eat through but refuses to sleep on.

Dog Lover:  Jim.

This is the best dogbed I've ever purchased & I've bought a lot. Our boxer/lab will chew his bed if left alone with it. Not this bed. He began sleeping on it as soon as I unpacked it. We left him alone for several hours over the last week & he's not interested in chewing it. And when we take over his place on the couch, he goes right to this bed. Bingo! Note that the maroon color you see online for "red" is actually fire engine red, not a good fit for our decor, but still a great dog bed.

Dog Lover:  Joy Tarbell.

Our 2 year old labrador initially chewed through one of these beds. K9's amazing customer service had another bed out to us in a couple days! Since then these are the only beds we buy for her and for our extended family's pets. Why? They are durable, chew-resistant (not chew-proof, but better than anything else we tried), and attractive. The covers are easy to clean. We were so tired of seeing fluff pulled out of every other bed we tried. The Tuff Bed is awesome!

Dog Lover:  Ann.

i have 2 beds, same size different colors. 1 is new other is 1.5 years old. The older bed is much higher quality. The material is thicker, stiching is better, the pad is much thicker on the old one. YOU GUYS WENT CHEAP on new bed. DISAPPROVE!!!

Dog Lover:  Eric.

We have SEVEN mini LH Doxies All you need to know is they are destructive. Especially our newest pup Lilly-Girl. Usually she figures out how to destroy a bed within minutes. Its been over 1 week, and the k( Bllistic round Tuff bed is PRISTINE. KUDOS to the K9 folks. Well done!

Dog Lover:  Brad Goldman.

Ate a hole in it on top seam in about 35 mins but he likes it

Dog Lover:  Willie.

We have 4 dogs of various sizes. They don't chew but do scratch on beds before laying down, sometimes in excess. This has torn other bed covers and shredded inner covers. The Tuff bed cover stands up to its name and to their digging and scratching . It is great and holds up well to their torture!

Dog Lover:  Jane Roybal.

Round Tuff  Bed Medium Size Round Tuff Bed, Black
  • Chew Resistant
  • Odor Resistant
  • Hair Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant

Round Tuff Bed

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Our chew resistant dog beds are wovenfrom our own proprietary blend of super durable, double woven, Rip-Stop, ballistic fibers. This proprietary blend has created some of the toughest material on the market today. These extremely durable dog beds are perfect for pets who like to chew, and pet owners who have tried other chew resistant dog beds may have better success with these dog beds. They are also perfect for the pet owner who is looking for a bed to last a lifetime.

The round shape eliminates corners, which chewing dogs often target first. If your dog previously chewed the corner off a rectangle bed, we highly recommend this round shape!

Other weak spots include zippers and logos. We've removed the zipper from this bed in favor of an industrial strength Velcro closure, hidden on the underside of the bed. We've also placed our logo on the bottom of the bed to avoid any curious nibblers. Additionally our seams are double stitched and surged with an additional piece of high strength webbing sewn into each seam.

This extremely durable outer cover surrounds an inner cushion covered by a strong, breathable, air-mesh material that will not retain moisture or odor. The inner cushion is channeled to prevent clumping and shifting, a technique that keeps proper support throughout the bed. It is filled with high loft, recycled, polyester fiber to create an incredibly comfortable, mattress-like bed. The three sewn in chambers maintain balance and even distribution of comfort. The outer cover is odor and water-resistant, but if necessary, the outer cover can be removed and washed. These design features were implemented to help extend the life of our beds. There is nothing out there that is truly “chew-proof” when it comes to our canine friends but these beds are definitely the most durable on the market.  


For just $9.99 more, customize your dog's bed for life! Simply enter your dog's name above to add custom embroidery to your order. We use a white thread color, a classic style font, and limit names to 14 letters. Please double check spelling; once the order is fulfilled for an embroidered bed, there are no exchanges or returns. Also please allow an additional 1-2 business days for embroidery services.

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ripstop tuff cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

velcro dog bed

Velcro Enclosure (Bed Sans Zipper!)

Our Tuff bed’s industrial strength velcro closures are hidden on the underside of the mattress covers to prevent the urge to try and chew it. By using velcro we remove the danger of a plastic or metal zipper that can be an attractive place to start chewing.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and surged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recomend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!


nesting mattress dog bed

"Breathing" Hydrofuge Mattress

After years of research and design, we've created a mattress that compliments the TUFF Cover™. "Breathing" mattresses means the natural act rest and activity circulates air through the bed, keeping it fresh for years to come.

This is made posible by a mattress cover material woven with small gaps in a durable fashion. The gaps allow air and moisture to easily pass through. The mattress therefore resists mildew and other elements which can create odors.

nesting mattress dog bed

Channels Keep Mattress from Clumping

When most dogs bed down after a long day of exploring or playing, they "nest". This behavior is when dog prepares it's bed by pushing with its paws to fluff the sleeping surface, often going in circles until satisfied.

Some beds can be fluffed to death! Not our Nesting Mattress, though. Channeled fills keep the stuffing where it is supposed to be; your dog gets a great nights sleep and does not end up on the floor after accidentally pushing all the stuffing to one side. Our beds keep their shape incredibly well!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Machine Washable Mattress

To wash the mattress, simply remove it from the cover and place it in a machine washer on a gentle setting with cool water. Afterwards allow it to air dry, hydrofuge technology helps the bed dry quicker than you might expect!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Indoor or Outdoor Use

All the features listed above: breathing mattress cover, synthetic high-loft polyester fibers, and channeled fills, make this mattress adaptable to just about any environment. Indoors the bed lasts long and keeps your dog comfortable. Outside it resists the elements of nature and stays fresh much longer than other beds.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this bed prohibit dust mite and mold spore invasions, making for a much better nights rest for your dog. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this mattress uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

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